What’s New


On this page we will keep track of the changes in each version. Supported users can download the latest version for free. Contact us if you have trouble upgrading.


Version Number Date Notes
1.0 7/14/2015 Initial Release
1.0.1 8/30/2015 Missing Links Updated
1.0.2 9/23/2015 Fixed minor bugs in saving calendar data
1.0.3 10/12/2015 -Fixed calendar design issues with different themes
-Last sync date on front now follows the WordPress timezone setting.
1.0.4 10/21/2015 -Fixed Sync Issue that over-wrote custom set prices
1.0.5 11/7/2015 -Fixed Issue with repeating months when month had 31 days
1.0.6 11/10/2015  -Enterprise version now supports up to 100 calendars!

-Allows users to disable attribution link in the Settings menu
-Includes direct link to documentation from dashboard for ease of use under the Information menu
1.1.0 11/30/2015 -Support for English, Spanish, and French!
+Support for 135 Currency types including USD, GBP, Euros, AUS, CAD, and many more!
1.1.1 12/3/2015 -Support for wordpress version 4.4
+Enterprise version upgraded to include Global Search Feature!
1.1.2 12/7/2015 -Fixed Font issue – fonts can now be modified for each calendar in the options tab, this was previously not always working
-Fixed issue where Spanish Days were showing instead of English days even when English was selected-Registration with your license key is now required
1.1.3 12/19/2015 Enterprise Only Features 

  • Added Price Slider Option to search bar
  • Added ability to display search results on separate page or same page
  • Added ability to charge more for extra guests
  • Added catch-all optional line item for extra fees
1.2.0 12/25/2015 Enterprise Only Features 

  • Added weekly and monthly pricing options
  • Added Advanced search displays to include picture and map when results displayed on a new page (not inline)
1.2.1 12/30/2015 Enterprise Only Features 

  • Added weekly and monthly pricing to Seasonal / Custom Pricing Options
2.0 5/5/2016 A long time coming, a whole lot of new features!

  • WPML Support added (WP Multi-lingual) – Encapsulate all text and make it compatible with the WPML plugin for multilingual use in any country
  • Improve plugin speed and load time dramatically (minimizing and including required scripts)
  • New Tab: Messaging. Allow users to see, edit, and modify individual messages sent to users.
  • Change Admin email address to by any email address or the WP admin
  • Add Duplicate Calendar Functionality to make a copy of existing calendar
  • Add deposits functionality to take a partial instead of full payment upfront. Admin can set initial deposit and balance due in X days before check-in date.
  • iCal Export Add-On: Ability to export ical format of entire merged calendar via link
  • Option to allowing Morning Check-out / Afternoon – Check in On / OFF. For instance, a current one day appointment for Oct 18 shows it starting afternoon of Oct 18 and ending morning of Oct 19. With this option turned off, then it just shows a standard one day appointment.
  • Have an option in booking options to show the booking form directly next to or below the calendar (Booking Form Options: Next to Calendar, Below Calendar, Upon Click Only).
  • Ability to set any date as unavailable directly from booking page. Include this option under Custom Prices.
  • Add a phone number field to the booking form
  • Show price of each available night on calendar or on mouseover or on the date itself- be able to turn this option on and off
  • Add Sync Label inputs: Calendar Name, VRBO, Airbnb, Homeaway, Flipkey, Google, Custom (user can edit) So on the Booking Dashboard users can see where the booking came from – Showing all bookings option / Show only Local Bookings option (including the ones imported), the source (Website or Label from above)
2.1.0 6/5/2016 Weekend Pricing

  • Added Weekend pricing Feature
  • Fixed issue with some emails being sent out blank
  • Fixed some JS conflicts with certain theme types
2.1.1 6/21/2016
  • Fixed some https and SSL errors
  • Fixed calculation display issue on booking forms
2.2.0 7/7/2016
  • New feature (much requested) – Edit bookings! Now you can change any part of a booking without deleting it and re-adding it. Be careful with your new power.
  • Fixed bug where when booking form was on the side of the calendar, it looked terrible on mobile devices
  • Fixed bug where you could select more than the max number of guests on the booking forms
  • Fixed bug with max number of nights
  • Fixed bug where booking amount was incorrect on the booking details
  • Added Booking ID to the booking details
2.2.1 7/15/2016
  • Fixed bug that sometimes counted minumum nights incorrectly and wouldn’t let bookings with more than min nights complete.
2.2.2 7/24/2016
  • Fixed min nights bug
2.2.3 8/10/2016
  • Fixed seasonal nights bug
  • Added feature to re-send deposit reminder and balance email when deposit is enabled and there is a remaining balance (go to bookings details and look for Deposit Reminder button)
2.2.4 8/15/2016
  • Fixed seasonal night bug (for new calendars, certain instances, seasonal min nights would over-ride default min-nights)
2.3.0 8/23/2016
  • User can change definition of a week / month to suit their booking style.
2.3.1 9/7/2016
  • Fixed Deposit Bug where full price of reservation was charged upfront instead of the deposit amount.